What is the difference between in-stock sex dolls and customized one?

In-stock dolls: In-stock dolls are pre-made dolls readily available for sale. These dolls are typically pre-designed and mass-produced, offering no customization options. In-stock dolls are immediately available for purchase and shipping.

Customized dolls: Customized dolls are made-to-order dolls that allow customers to personalize various aspects of the doll. This can include changing the color of the doll's areola, vulva and skin tone. Additionally, customers can add accessories or a vagina sucking device to the doll.


Since in-stock dolls are pre-made, they can be shipped immediately. Customized dolls, on the other hand, require time and craftsmanship to create. It may take one week for the customized doll to ship. The waiting time can be longer if additional customization is required.

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