Why you need Ultra-Soft Silicone?

Many sex doll lovers often have a difficult decision to make when it comes to choosing the best material for their sex dolls. On one hand, TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) is incredibly soft to the touch, but it’s difficult to take care of and the body paint is not realistic. On the other hand, silicone is much easier to take care of and the paint is more realistic, but it’s not as soft and is also more expensive.

We come up with a revolutionary and trailblazing solution, our exclusive Ultra-Soft Silicone, which combined all the strengths and improved all the drawbacks of TPE and silicone materials. Our Ultra-Soft Silicone is much softer than regular silicone and can even reach the softness of TPE. LoveNestle applies the most cutting-edge body painting and human scanning techniques, dedicated to complete restoration of human skin characteristics, to provide you with a luscious and velvety skin feel. Moreover, Ultra-Soft Silicone is used in our anal and vaginal tunnels, which tingle your nerves and envelop your cock with a sensation of mystifying sexual profundity.

Moreover, Ultra-Soft Silicone has improved elasticity, making it possible to create solid, oversized, voluptuous breasts, like N Cup breasts. Try the LoveBoobs and LoveAss options, which are made of Love Nestle's exclusive Ultra-Soft Silicone material, and filled with innovative Soft-Gel formula. With LoveBoobs and LoveAss, we send you to the Land of Femina where allows you to experience mind-blowing shaking effects that vividly cloned natural human boobs and ass. For boob and ass fanatics, get ready to show off your magnificent masculinity with our LoveBoobs and LoveAss!

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