What should I do if I find that the product has quality problems?

1. We suggest you initiate the return process within 24 hours if you discovered quality issues whilst opening the package for the FIRST time. We highly recommend you take a video or photos of exterior packages when you receive the product and unpack them for the first time. Because evidence of quality issues is required when submitting Product Return Form. 

2. If quality issues are discovered after customers unpack our products for the FIRST time, LoveNestle guarantees to refund 95% of the full price of the order. (Please note that we will deduct 5% of the order amount as transaction fees for banks and online payment platforms.)

3. Please be aware, our products are handcrafted and minor imperfections are not considered product damage. If your product has minor imperfections, feel free to contact our Customer Service Representative. Our staff will provide you with some maintenance support to cope with minor imperfections.

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